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Success is not a happy accident—it takes careful planning and preparation. At GHS, we work with every student to develop goals and map an education and career path to help turn their goals into a reality. Start here on your road to success!

Graduation Requirements

Grant High School requires students successfully complete 21 credits to graduate. Additional elective and dual enrollments course credits are available to complete a student’s academic schedule. To meet Michigan standards, student must complete at least:

  • 4 credits of English (Yearbook does not meet this requirement)
  • 4 credits of math (including Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry)
  • 3 credits of science (including Chemistry, Biology, and Earth & Space Science/Physics)
  • 3 credits of history (including U. S. History, World History, Economics)
  • 2 credits of a foreign language
  • 1 credit of a fine art
  • ½ credit of health
  • ½ credit of physical education

Dual Enrollment

In partnership with Muskegon Community College, we proudly offer dual enrollment opportunities for our students to earn college credit free of charge. (We do not pay transportation, parking, or activity fees.)

Students interested must have passed the SAT, ACT, or MCC Accuplacer test and have at least a 3.0 GPA. Students cannot enroll in more than ten dual-credit courses and must complete a dual enrollment packet with the counselor each semester they enroll in college classes.

Please see your guidance counselor for additional requirements.

Educational Development Plans

Every year we help students update their educational development plans (EDP's) using Career Cruising. Students complete activities to explore career and college options and develop a clear plan.

In ninth grade, students complete an Ideas Interest Inventory and explore career options that interest them.

In tenth grade, students inventory their current skills and research avenues to boost skills that align with their career goals.

As juniors, students begin researching post-secondary options. As seniors, students complete the FAFSA and begin applying for scholarships. They also do a little work in English class on resumes. The Career Tech Center works on resume building with students who attend.

Guidance Staff

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