PowerLifting Club

In powerlifting, you participate in three different weight lifts, Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. Each competition you have two opportunities to qualify for the state lift in March. First is to place in the top three the other is to reach a certain weight in a combined total lift number.

Coach Jeremy Nelson was kind enough to give us a short bio: I've been around Grant athletics for my entire life. I've watched the Tigers have great success and not so great success over the last 30yrs.  I've been coaching football on and off for about 20yrs in Grant, mostly at the youth level.  In the past fours year, I've had the opportunity to coach at the high school level.  While being on staff I noticed there wasn't any organized offseason training required of the athletes. Over the years of playing football and a little boxing after high school, I was taught you had to be bigger, faster, and stronger than your opponent to be successful. I felt offseason and in season training was very important to be the best you can possibly be and would help to reduce injuries. This powerlifting program started with only a few athletes at first, as we devoted our time in the weight room it began to catch the interest of other athletes and today has grown to around 30 actively participating. For the last 2yrs, we have chosen to use a proven system, BFS (bigger, faster, stronger),  and are getting great results.  With the support of all coaches in Grant, especially coach Keelean, this program is really gaining steam and we have begun to recreate a culture of hard-working, respectful, athletes that will dominate our conference! GTTP!

Coach Nelson

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