Latin Club

Latin Club is the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.

Active members are Tyler Kruzel, Olivia Vanderwall, Samantha Broad, Hannah McGee, Arabelle Konrad, Kyleign Martin, Yule Osband, Halley Robinson, Nevan Giesen, Mason Ferguson, and Brendan Atwood.

Last Fall we attended a convention at East Kentwood high school, where we presented an original play written by Nevan Giesen entitled " The goose that saved Rome." We spent the months of September, and October getting ready for that production. We also led two songs at the convention: "The Sum Song" and "Gaudeamus lgitur."

The spring convention will be held at GHS on April 25; we're expecting between 150-200 Latin students and teachers to come here for games and contests of all kinds.  

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