College Visits

Here at Grant High School students have five great ways to make contact with colleges and universities:

1. Attend a college fair (College and Career Night Out at Fremont High School in September and the West Michigan National College Fair in Grand Rapids in April)

2. Attend a college rep visit at GHS (updated schedules are posted in the counseling office each fall)

3. Visit a college campus with your parents or friends (Set up a visit via phone or online with the college. Be sure to fill out an Advanced Excuse Form from the counseling office and look over questions below that will help make your visit as worthwhile and productive as possible. Beginning second semester junior year, each student has two excused absences to visit two colleges per semester.)

4. Visit a college campus with GHS (Several field trips will happen throughout the school year that students can sign up to attend. Be sure to check the announcements!)

5. Take a virtual college tour

Questions to Ask Colleges

One of the best ways to gather information about colleges is to ask questions of people who are knowledgeable. These include college reps when they visit your high school, at college nights, and on a college visit.

Academic Program: What are some of your most popular or well-known majors? Are there any special programs such as: independent study? off-campus study? study abroad? joint programs with nearby colleges? What is the average class size? How does class size vary by major and level?

Admissions: What are the admissions requirements: SAT or ACT? high school credits? interview? class rank? grade point average? recommendations? Any special requirements for certain programs: portfolio? audition? interviews? tests? What are the admissions deadlines? Rolling admission? Early admission? Deferred admissions? What is the application fee? What percent of applicants are accepted? What are average ACT or SAT scores for incoming freshman? What are minimum acceptable scores?

Campus: What is the campus setting: urban? suburban? rural? How large? Are other colleges nearby? What are the local cultural and social attractions?

Living Accommodations: Is on campus housing available? Are you required to live on campus as a freshman? Are the dorms suite style or traditional style with shared bathrooms? 

Costs: What are the charges for tuition? Rooms? Meals? Are different plans available? Is a down payment required? When? What is the payment schedule? Any special payment plans?

Financial Aid: What financial aid programs does the college have? How many students receive financial aid? What are the requirements? Does the college place students in jobs on or off campus?

Accreditations: Is the college accredited? By whom? Has it lost any accreditations? Any pending?

Activities: Newspaper? Magazine? Yearbook? Other publications? Dance? Drama? Debate? Band? Radio Station? TV Station? Orchestra? Fraternities? Sororities? Political Organizations? Cultural Organizations? Community service programs?

Sports: What are the college's athletic facilities? What division are the sports teams? Are there club and intramural sports? Any athletic scholarships?

Student Body: How many students are in each class? How many students are on campus total, including graduate and professional students? What percentage of freshman commute and what percentage of freshman live on campus? What is the diversity of campus (gender, religious background, cultural background, age, etc.)?

Social Life: What types of events are held on campus? Is it easy for students to get involved?

Alumni: What percentage of graduates enter graduate school? What occupations are alumni employed in? What companies? Any outstanding alumni? How well do alumni support the college?

Faculty: What is the size of the faculty? Full-time? Part-time? What percentage hold a PhD? What is the student/faculty ratio? Do graduate students teach? What is the average class size? Any outstanding faculty members?

Transportation: What public transportation is available? Is there ample parking on campus? Can students who live on campus have cars? Any restrictions? Cost for parking pass?

Disability Services: Does the college have a disabilities support services office? How do I contact them?

Religion: Is the college religiously affiliated? Are students predominantly of one religion? What facilities are available for religious services on campus? Off campus? Are there religious organizations?

Advanced Excuse Forms for campus visits are available in the counseling office. Reminder:  In order to have the absence excused, the form must be completed, signed, and turned in 2 days prior to the visit date!

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