Chess Club

Grant High School Chess Club

The Open arms Club

Are you a die hard chess player? Did your father or grandfather teach you how a Knight can move? Or are you a seasoned checkers player and want to bring on the challenge of chess? 

No matter your experience, you will have a blast in chess club

Chess Club requires logical thinking and concentration skills.

CONGRATS: Alicia Heaton and Eli Vandyke 

Both Alicia and Eli received All Conference CSAA- Gold Honorable Mention Honors. 

Mitch Harvey and Alexis Ashcroft also finished in the top 20 at the Lakes 8 Chess Tournament in Spring Lake.

Chess Club Team


Back Row(left to right): Braeden Wells, Mitch Harvey, Riley Ingel, Tanner Mahn, Christian Ledezma

Bottom Row(left to right): Eli Vandyke, Coach Devon Conley Alicia Heaton, Alexis Ashcroft 

Not Pictured: Jon Aue, Jacob Aardema

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